how to measure

Print this worksheet to easily record the window dimension in your home  and office!

tape measure diagram

How to measure your windows for blinds:

Measuring Hints Inside

Inside Mount

  1. Measure the casing depth.
  2. Measure the width of the window at top, middle and bottom, to the nearest 1/8th".
    Record the narrowest measurement (A-1).
  3. Measure the height from the top of the window sill to the bottom of the window sill
    or to desired length (A-2).

Measuring Hints Outside

Outside Mount

  1. Measure the exact width you want your shade to cover (B-1). It is customary to
    measure from the outside trim to the outside trim.
  2. Measure the exact length you want the shade to cover (B-2), Keep in mind where you want to mount the blind, and allow for the extra length needed

    Don't forget to specify left or right controls, extension installation brackets or hold down brackets, if applicable.