Motorization has 2 popular styles:

Shade Motorization
Motorization has battery control, rechargeable battery, RTS system motor, and hard wiring. It is perfect for large, tall and hard to reach windows. We are specialized in all kinds of hard window treatments and soft window coverings, with motorization options available at a very competitive price. There should be no more struggling to adjust window shades in hard-to-reach locations or worrying about messy hung cords. Just relax and let our motors do the work for you! Install and operate without wires at industry-leading battery performance. Our many automated options let you conveniently and easy to control the light, heat and view by a finger touch of a button.

Drapery Motorization
Wintex Window Covering has been providing, installing, and servicing the motorized drapery systems for over a decade. With our motorized systems, you can control all your curtains easily via a remote controller. Our new generation motorized systems work perfectly with a rechargeable plug in battery, are installed without wires, and developed for you and your peacefully quiet home.


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