Shade has 5 popular styles:

Roman Shade

We have Roman Shade available for an unlimited selection of fabrics, colours and textures, all customized to fit any type of decor and opening.

Roman Shade has flat or waterfall style. You can simply enjoy the clean lines of traditional Roman or fancy Roman.

Sheer Shade/ Silhouette 

This selection is an elegant, light and airy window treatment. The fabric gracefully filters light creating a soft ambient setting, adding beauty and serenity to any room. The fabric vanes float between two soft sheer layers, a combination that provides you with absolute control over privacy and light.

Sheer Shades create a modern and polished look and are a popular choice for a variety of different spaces. They offer a simple look that can work well on its own or be paired with drapes or other window coverings.

Sheer Shades are available in 2” or 3” vane sizes in either light filtering or room darkening fabrics; they help to block out harmful UV rays and harsh glare from the sun without having to completely block your view of the wonderful outdoors

Roller Shade

Roller shade provide modern technology that clearly redefines the traditional shade. Best for condo, modern homes, and commercial, With solar shades and a wide variety of custom fabrics, you can enjoy the view or complete darkness, while controlling glare, heat penetration and UV rays.

Dual Shade

This is a combination of sheer and solid alternating fabric bands, put together into a single shade. The design concept allows the shade to transition from open to close seamlessly, providing a modern solution for view- through, light control and privacy.

Experience the Beauty and Functionality of Dual Shade. It also features a single piece of fabric that loops at the bottom bar to create a double layer of fabric in the window.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades is specially engineered to provide energy efficiency at the window in both cold and warm climates. Improve your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound. Offers endless possibilities of fabrics and operating systems, patented construction is available in single, double and triple honeycomb pleats


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